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Music @ WPI.

Music studies at WPI present a variety of opportunities to explore performance, technology, composition, research, history, theory, and more.

HUA Requirement

Every WPI student can focus their HUA studies in music culminating with a project-based capstone in performance (instrumental and vocal), technology, history, and theory.


Study of Music at WPI need not stop at the completion of the HUA requirement. Minors and majors allow individualized work and collaborations with music faculty.

Performing Ensembles

We have numerous choral and instrumental ensembles. All ensembles perform at a high level and present concerts throughout the school year, kicking off with the annual Family Weekend Concert each October.


Our music curriculum is focused on a range of topics in performance, technology, history, theory, and more.


WPI offers students unique opportunities to combine their technical and artistic interests. One of those ways is to contribute to research conducted in one of our music technology labs.

Student Groups

In addition to course-related music opportunities, we have many student-run music ensembles and clubs.

Courses and the HUA Requirement.

You can satisfy your Humanities and Arts (HUA) requirement by completing...

three music courses (that's your "depth”)
+ one non-music HUA course (that's your “breadth”)
+ one course in any HUA discipline including another music course.

You, then, take a music Seminar (HU3900) or Practicum (HU3910) course as your "HUA capstone"; these small-group setting courses are typically project-based and focus on a range of topics in performance (instrumental and vocal), technology, history, and theory.

Music Course Pathways

Music Studies

1xxx - Music and Its Makers

2xxx - Sounds of Social Justice

PSY2501 - Music & Mind

3501 - Music in Time of Conflict

3xxx - Topics in African American Music

3xxx - Music, Gender, and Power

Music Technology

2300 - Foundations of Music Technology

3614 - Topics in MIDI

3615 - Topics in Digital Sound

3616 - Topics in Interactive Programming

3620 - Electronic Music Composition

Music Theory

1xxx - Foundations of Music Theory & Aural Skills

2723 - Music Composition

2724 - Arranging & Orchestration

3730 - Jazz Theory

Music History

2720 - Music History I

2721 - Music History II

2722 - History of American Pop Music

3001 - World Music

2719 - Jazz History

Music Ensembles

2631 - Glee Club

2632 - Alden Voices

2633 - Brass Ensemble

2634 - Jazz Ensemble

2635 - Stage Band

2636 - Concert Band

2637 - String Ensemble

2638 - Chamber Choir

26xx – Conducting


The larger ensembles, Alden Voices and Glee Club, are open to all; there are also opportunities for participation in Chamber Choir and other vocal ensembles. Contact Prof. Rohde directly for more information.


Orchestral instrumentalists are encouraged to join the Symphonic Orchestra; there are also opportunities for participation in chamber ensembles including the Medwin String Quartet. Contact our Director via email (below) for more information.


There are three jazz groups (Stage Band, Workshop Bigband, Jazz Ensemble) that require an audition for new members and/or seating. Contact Prof. Olsen directly for more information.
Concert Band

Concert Band

The band is open to all students and includes opportunities for participation in chamber ensembles. Contact Prof. Lutch directly for more information.

Get into Music Research

Join one of our many music research labs and groups

For any lab or area of research that interest you, visit the lab website to contact the WPI faculty principal investigator (PI); there are many related research efforts going on all the time, so explore the types of research associated with each lab and then reach out to the PI to if you'd like to get involved.

More Student Opportunities

Stay connected to music in other ways...
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